Like grains of rice filling every gap, or like a virus spreading across the globe, digital data is invading all parts of our lives. It is in everything we do, it is taking over our days and nights, our economy and our democracy, our social life and our biology. And the world will never be the same again.

From the stone age to artificial intelligence, the story of humankind is also the story of technological development. Our unstoppable urge for ever-improved communication is the condition for our movement forward; without cooperation, no development. But for the first time, we are now about to develop something more intelligent than ourselves. Is the idea of a unique human consciousness and the inviolable of mankind now threatened? Or is the consequence only that Mark Zuckerberg will end up as the next president of the United States? Welcome to Cyberspace for Dummies.

Brains, Bytes & Bach is a live performance lecture using a modern version of the flannelgraph; an analog powerpoint. Film by Haciencda Film AS based on stage version.

Created, written and performed by Amund Sjølie Sveen
Made with financial support from UNINETT Norid AS
Bach-style chorale by Emmy, computer program by David Cope
Premiered 18. October 2017

Film produced by Pål Karlsen / Hacienda
Camera and editing by Torstein Østberg / Hacienda