Economic theory for Dummies (2013) is a performance lecture by Amund Sjølie Sveen investigating our present economic system; the theoretical, historical, philosophical and psychological background of todays economic reality – and how the rhetorics of this system is present in our minds and media.

How is «human nature» related to economic terms and the conditions of modern liberal market economy? If it is true that culture is way ahead of nature – that our human emotions and instincts today, through evolution, are perfectly tuned for living in a world of scarcity, threats and the need for short-term-thinking – how does this work today, now that we actually live in a world of affluence, security and the need for long-term-thinking?

This project is a small contribution to the public need to regain power in the field of economy. We need to understand the economy in order to have an opinion about it. We need to understand the words and concepts of the ´economist-language´. We need to be able to separate politics from laws of nature. We need to grasp the connections between economy and ecology. We need a crash course, we need a bit of Economic theory for Dummies.

Touring dates:

Graz (AU), Steirischer Herbst, Sept 2013
Rotterdam (NL), Rotterdamses Schouwburg, Sept 2013
Athens (GRE), Athens Biennale – AGORA, Oct 2013
Riga (LAT), New Theater Institute of Latvia, Nov 2013
Amsterdam (NL), Frascati, Dec 2013
Bergen (NO), BIT Teatergarasjen, March 2014
Seoul (KOR), BO:M festival, April 2014
Busan (KOR), BO:M festival (satellite), April 2014
Tromsø (NO), Vårscenefest, May 2014
Göteborg (SE), Göteborgs dans- & teaterfestival, May 2014
Stamsund (NO), Stamsund International Theater Festival, May 2014
Fribourg (CH), Belluard Bollwerk International, July 2014
Freiburg (D), Politik im Freien Theater, Nov 2014
Oslo (NO), Showbox, Dec 2015
Feroe Island (DK), Nordens hus Torshavn, Feb 2015
Oslo (NO), Black Box teater, March 2015
Olomouc (CZ), DW7, Dec 2015
Kirkenes (NO), Barents Spektakel, Feb 2016
Trondheim (NO), AvantGarden, Feb 2016
Porsgrunn (NO), Grenland kunsthall, May 2017
Helsinki (FI), Nordic Nights – Hanaholmen, Oct 2018
Stavanger (NO), Kåkånomics, Oct 2018



(Photos: Top left / bottom right by Wolfgang Silveri / Steirischer Herbst. Top right by Margaux Kolly / Belluard Bollwerk International)



Concept, text, visuals, music, directed by:
Amund Sjølie Sveen

Gry Ulfeng

Co-produced by:
Steirischer herbst, New Theater Institute of Latvia, Barents Spektakel Festival and Imagine 2020.

Supported by:
Arts Council Norway, Freedom of expression foundation and Programme Culture of the European Commission

Steirischer herbst,Graz (AU) sept 2013

60 min, no intermission

English and Norwegian version