Horisont (2009) is a sound work commissioned by Koro (Public Art Norway) to be permanently exhibited in the new building of the Sami University College in Kautokeino (NO), Diehtosiida.

«The hope is for the work to establish an auditory Horizon – to insert in the building a bit of the vast openness and space that the surrounding landscape of this area offers – and through that suggest a place of rest and restitution, a possibility to pause from the academic activities that otherwise is the purpose of this building.»

The work is situated in the open cafeteria-area on the ground floor, and consists of 12 speakers build into the base of a bench surrounding a fireplace. A computer (with Max/MSP-software) controls the playback of the piece, slightly varying the order of the elements and the length of sections, making the piece a constant variation over a limited material; recordings of vibraphone and sounds from nature in the arctic region.