Amund Sjølie Sveen

Norway is the richest country in the world. It is also rated the most peaceful country, it has the most well-functioning state, it has won the Eurovision song contest, and it is probably the best place on earth to be an artist – economically speaking. It is all because of the oil.

When the Iraqi people starved, the United Nations launched the Oil for Food-program to make it possible for Iraq to sell oil in exchange for food. Norway has more than enough of both food and oil, but we need something to fill our lives with meaning. We need the Oil for ART-program.

The Norwegian Way (2010) is a dive into the self image of Norway, the problem of the oil, the possible connection between money and happiness, and an exploration of what possibility art has to change the world.




(Photos: Top left by Ole-Kristian Losvik. Top right: Statfjord A by Wikipedia)




The Norwegian Way – an introduction to the Oil for ART-program (2010)

Concept, text, visuals, directed by:
Amund Sjølie Sveen

First performance:
Barents Spektakel Festival, Kirkenes (NO), 2010

Supported by:
Norwegian Arts Council, Freedom of Expression Foundation

Co-produced by:
Pikene på Broen / Barents Spektakel Festival

45 min (no intermission)




Stavanger (NO), RIMI Scenekunst 2016
Praha (CZ)
, Styri Dny / 4+4  2015
Stavanger (NO)
, Kapittel festival 2014
Yokohama (JP), Bom-festival sattelite 2014
Athens (GR)
, Athens biennale 2013
Graz (AU), Steiricher Herbst 2012
Vilnius (LT), New Drama Action 2012
Riga (LV), Homo Alibi 2011
Bergen (NO), BIT Teatergarasjen 2012
Trondheim (NO), AvantGarden 2012
Bergen (NO), Landmark 2012
Tallinn (EST), POT Festival 2011
Haparanda (SE), IKRA-festival 2011
Svolvær (NO), NNKS 2011
Hammerfest (NO), Hammerfest kunstf. 2011
Murmansk (RU), Nordic Days 2010
Oslo (NO), Dramatikkens hus 2010
Helsinki (FI), Baltic Circle Festival 2010
Stamsund (NO) SIT 2010
Harstad (NO), Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2010
Oslo (NO), Showbox festival 2010
Kirkenes (NO), Barents Spektakel 2010