MELTING in Fjaler (NO): Performing arts as readiness

«MELTING has the form of an information-heavy, but visually appealing power-point presentation on global warming, which in several places slips into musical interruptions where the Norwegian Grammy Award-winning group Slagr, which Sveen is a part of, lures us into beautiful but gloomy landscapes.

With MELTING, Sveen conducts an environmental accounting of the performance he is about to present for us – asking if it would maybe be better if we all went go out in the woods (our local woods) to play fiddle, an activity that produces a minimal carbon footprint.

Even though the message might be discouraging, Sveen keeps the spirits up through a charming and humorous tone, granting the audience space to contemplate the message during the musical parts, enhanced by the slow rotation of the large mobile canvas.

The simple and gradual development of the moving canvas makes me think of satellites floating through space – a beautiful dance centered around the machine, rather than the human body.»

Review,, Venke Marie Sortland, 27.10.2016

melting_fjaler_foto_davidzadig(foto David Zadig, Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler)